Thursday, January 29, 2009

the crush

i have always loved alicia silverstone. love her. this is her a couple years before clueless. she plays a sultry little 14-year old who crushes hard on the new guy that rents the extra apartment on her parents lot.

alicia's character becomes consumed with romantic obsession. the renter starts out flattered, but things go from weirder to wrong. watch this thriller and you will appreciate alicia in a way you never thought you could.

oh, and the princess bride guy is in it. he's ok, but when has he ever been especially memorable except as the princess bride guy, right?

plus, this is a movie from 1993, and some could describe its quality as a 'made for tv movie.' but really, just watch it because its interesting and suspenseful, and you will think that alicia is a little nuts.

the grade??



mandy might already be thinking "...gross."
dont worry though, her character is so annoying in this movie you will love to hate her.

this comedy is laugh-so-hard-you-might-pee-a-little funny. this flick makes fun out of hardcore self-righteous christians. watch it for its comedy, and you will appreciate it.

my favorite character? the rebel jewish girl who gets kicked out of every school shes been too. she delivers the best lines throughout the entire movie.

this movie also makes you awkwardly love macaulay cilkin for more than his Richie-Rich side. overall, just a really fun, silly movie that you will definitely get a kick out of. go rent it. or ask us if you can borrow it.

what grade do we give it?


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the curious case of benjamin button

ok, i know people that like this movie, and i am not trying to offend you or anything if you liked it. personally, i hated it. the movie was about 3 hours long, and the whole time i was just thinking "ughhhh is this over yet!?!"

benjamin is born as an old nasty baby-guy, and gets discarded on the doorstep of an old folks home, where a black caretaker takes him in and raises him. he grows from old to young, which is a phenomenon that is not well explained in the plot. when there is narration it is by an old raspy woman whose voice is beyond irritating.

cate blanchett's character is annoying, promiscuous, and quite rude until near the end of the movie when she gets a little more calmed down. by that point, benjamin is only getting younger. by the end of the movie, i was entirely depressed, emotionally tired, and was concentrating more on keeping my eyes open than what was going on in the movie. when i tried to recall what the point/message of the movie was afterward, i couldn't quite put my finger on it. to this day i'm still not completely sure...

what grade do i give this movie?



Misery is one of my all time favorite movies. It's scary, but not horror-movie scary. The whole movie is intense and you feel like you are trapped with James Caan the whole time. Basically, he plays a writer and Kathy Bates is his "#1 fan". Turns out, she's a bit psycho and keeps him locked away. The whole time he has to try and find a way to get out. Kathy Bates won an Oscar for this one. Very very good. If you love it.


Monday, January 26, 2009

four christmases

Now I know this movie will be coming out on DVD soon and you might be thinking to yourself..."Hey, I forgot to see that one, i should rent it." Do yourself a favor and go burn the 3.50 you would spend renting it...that would be a better use of your money. This movie was a pile of garbage. The plot is terrible (and bizarre at times), the acting is sub par. Hate hate hated it. Do not waste your time. Basically, reese and vince have to go visit family members for christmas. They hate doing this, and who could blame them...their families are insane, over-the-top, and truly unbelieveable. Most importantly, they are annoying. Every house gets more and more frustrating to watch. You'll be praying for it to end sooner. This movie did well in theaters, so people were definitely fooled by the previews. (myself included)

grade: F

wait until dark

Who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn, right?? I do and I have since I was little. I used to watch My Fair Lady about once a week growing up. Until this past year, I had never heard of this Audrey movie before. A little different from some of her more well known classics, this is a thriller. Yes, it may have been made in 1967, but it is still freaky. Not in a 'hide-my-face-pee-my-pants-i-hate-this-movie' kind of way, but in a suspenseful and intriguing way.

Audrey plays a blind woman who is being harassed by some drug-dealers who believe she has a doll full of heroin. They go to extremes in a kind of evil Sherlock Homes way, and Audrey is left fending for herself.

Audrey won an Academy Award in 1967 for 'best actress' in this film. She is absolutely fantastic in this movie, and very convincing. Go rent it, you will like it!

What did we give this movie?


the house bunny

So if you're in the mood for something really funny, "the house bunny" is definitely a good bet.
It has many many stupid-funny moments ala "white chicks"
(which i really like), but it's actually just a really clever movie. Mostly it's because of Anna Faris. She plays Shelly, a former playmate who gets kicked out of the mansion for being too old. She finds a job as a sorority house mother for a misfit bunch of girls. No big surprises here, but still hilarious throughout. The most funny moments come when Anna's character randomly yells out funny words after getting hurt, and when she does her weird, and totally original, deep voice.

"I've got to do something mysterious..." hahaha, check it out.


gran torino

We saw gran torino in theaters on saturday.

This is Clint Eastwood's last film as an actor. (He is getting a little old, after all). This movie is a great drama that is a must see, just be prepared for some racial slurs. It's a very interesting, compelling story with great character dynamics. Some characterizations are a bit over-the-top, but it adds to the story in a good way. The ending is a combination of unexpected and expected situations, in a way that will leave you both sad yet ultimately content. Overall, this movie is a winner, and you need to go see it immediately.

what grade do we give it?