Thursday, May 19, 2011

african cats

i meant to write this review weeks ago...i'm sorry!

in this movie there were 3 different cat "families" featured. it was filmed over a period of 2 years, but of course you can't tell that at all by watching it. there are lions (2 packs) and cheetahs (a momma and her babies).

while all the footage was amazing of course, and it was neat to hear some of the stories, but there was a lot of repetition. there was also a lot of anthropomorphism. like, out of control...

also, its very skewed towards the cats point of view. it will show them taking down a wildebeest and will say how it's because they need food in order to survive. but you know they're going to use that same footage for some other show and do it from the wildebeest's point of view and how horrible the predation of the lions are. you know what i mean?

when i mentioned this movie on my blog, a few people asked about any violence/sadness. so i'm just gonna to say the parts that fall into this category. *SPOILER ALERT* 1. one of the lion moms is really old and gets hurt while hunting, and eventually she has to walk away from the pack and go die. and her cub has to be "adopted" by another lioness. and of course they show it in a super sad way [i cried]. 2. some of the cheetah cubs get lost. aka, die without the help of their mother. its sad. 3. it shows cats taking down their prey. and eating it. gross.

overall, the movie was interesting. like i said, the footage was great. it got annoying how they were making everything into elaborate stories, assigning names and feelings to cats, and over simplifying their actions.

the grade?