Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Date Night

With tina fey and steve carell starring in your movie, it's kind of hard to go wrong. Date Night definitely got it right. This comedy centers on Phil and Claire Foster, an everyday couple that have gotten in the same old same old marriage routine. Nothing is really exciting in their lives. Just work, and taking care of their kids day in and day out. Until, that is, they decide to have a fancy night out at a New York restaurant. They steal the reservation of another couple and the chaos begins. That couple just happens to be wanted by the mob.
The plot and story line isn't all that deep. I mean, basically they get chased around all night. What makes this comedy work, is the actors. Tina Fey is funny as ever. She always makes situations funny, even if they normally wouldn't be. Steve Carrell is the same way. They MAKE this movie. If you liked Baby Mama, or if you like The Office or 30 Rock, you'll like this movie. Trust me, as soon as you hear Tina yell "I don't want the kids to live with your mother....she's awful!!", you won't stop laughing.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


What a title, huh? So lets get some things out of the way. Yes, there are zombies in this movie....and yes, they are gross. And or course, lots of zombies die. But if you didn't already know, this is a comedy. It's set in the future, where some sort of virus has turned most humans into zombies. There are humans scattered throughout the country, trying to survive in a world full of human eating zombies. In order to live in zombieland, you have to follow the rules. (for example, you have to be good at cardio in order to run from the zombies)
The movie follows a group of people trying to make it to a California theme park that is allegedly a zombie free zone. While there is plenty violence and zombie craziness, you'll be laughing the whole time...especially during a well timed cameo by Bill Murray. Check it out.


Friday, April 2, 2010

julie & julia

so, obviously this review is pretty late, considering it's been out for a while and all the hype has died down a bit. the thing is, we had NO desire to see this in theaters. and, since we aren't real movie critics, we dont get paid to see the movies. i honestly thought i would probably never see it. but the other day i was at work and decided to see what was streaming on netflix, and voila! the funny part is, after like 10 minutes i was bored and going to turn it off but then my coworker came in and said she liked it, so naturally i had to finish it.

as you may know, this movie is about julia child, and some random chick who was obsessed with julia child. i'm sorry, i mean blogged about cooking her recipes. the story of julia child was very interesting since i didnt really know much about her, and meryl streep was of course AMAZING. for a while i really thought i was watching julia childs, because she acted and sounded exactly like her.

so even though a few parts of julia's story were a little boring, it was nothing compared with julie's parts. i was disappointed because i actually like amy adams, but she acted horrible in a horrible role. it was like it was some lowly soap-opera-level-actress trying to be amy adams. julie is a modern day woman who is in a slump in her personal life and then out of nowhere decides that she's going to cook her way through the whole julia child's cookbook and blog about it. she gives herself a timeline for some bizarre reason, and starts immediately. as the story goes along she changes from "oh boohoo only my mom reads my blog" to "oh my goodness my readers NEED me!" and it's really quite annoying.

overall, the only reason i even remotely liked this movie was because of meryl streep. she is amazing, and really should have won some awards for it. the negatives are summarized as follows: the movie is extremely long (unnecessarily so!), slow in [a lot of] parts, annoying (julie's parts), and a bit boring. it will, however, make you want to cook and look into julia's cookbook.

the grade?

The Box

Hands down, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's so bad, I almost don't want to even attempt to explain the plot. In fact, it's hard to do so anyways. Here is a quick run down. A mysterious man drops off a box on the doorstep of a young couples house. Yes, they even say the title of the movie within the first 5 minutes. "What is it honey? I don't know, looks like a box!"......yeeaaahhhh. The box contains a button. They are told if they press the button, they will receive 1 million dollars, and someone in the world, that they don't know, will die. Sounds interesting enough......it's not. Oh, it's also 1976 and Cameron Diaz has a terrible southern accent. I was laughing for half the movie every time she opened her mouth. It was awful.
Overall, the acting was just bad. BADDDD. And the music throughout the movie? Even worse. Even though we just finished watching it, I still couldn't explain what went on. It went from science fiction, to drama, to action, to random scenes that didn't fit it. I didn't know what was real and what was going on. Seriously, You might as well just take a hammer to your own head before you try and watch this. It makes NO SENSE!!! Stay away. It's not even one of those movies that's bad, but you want everyone else to watch just so they'll know how bad it was too. No, just stay away altogether. Wait, I should end this review with a movie critique cliche'.....when it comes to this movie, don't open the box, and don't push play. Did that make you want to barf?....welcome to my world.