Friday, April 24, 2009


Today we saw the brand new thriller, Obsessed, starring Beyonce'. Now look, this movie looked pretty cool in the previews, but it's not like we expected something spectacular. It had beyonce and wasn't set in the 30's.... so we were hooked. Beyonce' did a very good job. Overall, the story was okay. The problem was, it wasn't believable and it was veeerrry frustrating. The whole thing was frustrating. You know I hate it when movies create fake drama, or cause characters to do things no normal human being would do. Well, this movie does it time and time again.

I'll sum the movie up quickly. White girl becomes freakishly obsessed with beyonce's husband, antics begin, big fight scene ends the movie. (even with the classic, you think she's dead and then her eyes pop open with loud music moment....which was hilarious)
Beyonce' and the girl have a really (unintentionally) funny fight scene at the end. You never worry for B b/c she's much bigger than the other girl. In the end, it was pretty predictable and frustrating, but fun to see Beyonce'.


the skeleton key

tonight we rented the skeleton key from the playstation network. being the scary-movie-hater that i am...i got a bit nervous. to be honest the whole thing was suspenseful and i was tense the entire time.

this movie is very good and engaging. it keeps you involved, and always wondering exactly what is up. kate hudsen is an excellent star in this film, and her character is believable and likeable. she always asks the right questions, not like some other movies where you just want to yell at the screen and go "what are you doing!?!" (well, that happened a couple times, but it wouldnt be a scary movie if it didnt).

kate hudsen is a nurse who gets hired to do a hospice job out in the swamps around new orleans. there is an old married couple, and the husband had a stroke so he is paralyzed and can't speak. the house is spooky and old, and weird things happen...

the movie ends with an unexpected twist. if i had to compare it to another movie i would say the sixth sense. it was suspenseful, scary, and ends with a bang outta nowhere. go rent it now!

the grade:


just saw this yesterday. GO SEE IT!! every ticket bought gets a tree planted. the footage is amazing and breathtaking. as much as i love nature, this movie just enhanced it. if you love planet earth (or just the earth/animals in general) than you will love this movie.

there were a few times that an animal was running away from a predator and i was going "runnnnnn!!!!" then i almost got sad but i was like ok ok they need to eat too.

please go see this movie. it will increase your appreciation for the earth and the wildlife it supports. (my favorite part is when they talked about water and how it makes everything possible etc etc and i was like yayyyy my future career has meaning!!)

the grade?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

march of the penguins

i know this movie came out a while ago, but we had never seen it. so this weekend we rented it on the playstation. we had heard so much about how awesome this movie was, so we were really psyched up for it...

the movie was good, but not what we expected. there was a lot that wasn't really explained very well. several times i asked out loud "wait, what is going on!? why arent they telling us!?!" also, the movie was filled with several stretches of monotony. it would zoom up on a melting icicle for like 5 minutes straight. we got the idea after the first few seconds...

besides those two problems, i did like this movie. the penguins were sooo cute, and its amazing how their bodies work. i didnt like it when they showed dead penguins though. i even cried at one point... it was interesting though and generally good.

overall, i'd say the grade is a B-

Pan's Labyrinth

New post time. Ahhh, Pan's Labyrinth. Personally, I love this movie, although I realize that not everyone will. This is a foreign film from Spain, so yes, It is completely done in Spanish, by spanish actors, with english subtitles. The reason everyone won't like this movie is it mixes history with fantasy. A young girl moves with her mother into the home of a Spanish general who is currently fighting the rebels. Turns out the girl is actually a princess in some alternate world. She is approached by a creature who presents 3 tasks for her to accomplish to prove that she is still the princess. It has some pretty scary/thrilling moments which make it very intense at times. Anyways, as long as fantasy doesn't completely turn you off, you should enjoy this movie. It even won a few Academy Awards. Highly Recommended.