Friday, April 24, 2009


Today we saw the brand new thriller, Obsessed, starring Beyonce'. Now look, this movie looked pretty cool in the previews, but it's not like we expected something spectacular. It had beyonce and wasn't set in the 30's.... so we were hooked. Beyonce' did a very good job. Overall, the story was okay. The problem was, it wasn't believable and it was veeerrry frustrating. The whole thing was frustrating. You know I hate it when movies create fake drama, or cause characters to do things no normal human being would do. Well, this movie does it time and time again.

I'll sum the movie up quickly. White girl becomes freakishly obsessed with beyonce's husband, antics begin, big fight scene ends the movie. (even with the classic, you think she's dead and then her eyes pop open with loud music moment....which was hilarious)
Beyonce' and the girl have a really (unintentionally) funny fight scene at the end. You never worry for B b/c she's much bigger than the other girl. In the end, it was pretty predictable and frustrating, but fun to see Beyonce'.



Darci said...

I hated every minute of this movie. Besides the "Breath Bitch!!" and the part where a chandelier crushes her. Other than that it just made me want to cry out of pure frustration.

Njeri said...

Hey friends I agree that the movie was very frustrating. In the end I was annoyed more than anything. I kept expecting a twist (like white girl whoops B's ass) but none. I was very annoyed. Good thing I only watched it only recently.