Friday, May 15, 2009


we just saw this movie last week with our friends. at first i was a little hesitant because it has angelina jolie in it, and everyone knows how we feel about her...

this movie was pretty good. the beginning seemed a little weird and didnt quite set up the entire plot very well. it just sort of randomly jumped into the action.

the action was pretty good though, and it was fun to watch. there is an underground....society(?) called the Fraternity. they are in charge of killing people chosen by "fate." the main character, James McAvoy, is recruited because his father was murdered and he was supposed to avenge him.

i cant remember seeing James McAvoy in anything, so i had no idea who he was. i liked him, i think he did a good job with his character. the amazing Morgan Freeman is also in this film, which is always a plus.

the story ends with an interesting twist. the very ending line is incredibly corny but its funny. anyways, the grade is:


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