Sunday, May 17, 2009

star trek

so, hello to any lurking trekkies. i myself am not a 'trekkie,' but i have wanted to see this movie. i had heard it appeals to the masses, not just the trekkies. you dont need to know everything about star trek to watch it, it was sort of designed as an action movie rather than a fan movie. the previews were good and i was excited. somehow i managed to convince josh to come with me, and we went with my sister and her hubby.

anyways, about the movie...

the movie overall was good. my only main problems with it were:

1. the plot was kind of all over the place. the timing of everything was confusing. there was a lot involved and there were a few times when i was like huh??
2. the bad guys werent that bad. they werent super intimidating or scary. just kind of "bad" looking... not the villain you love to hate, you know?

besides those two little setbacks, the movie was very good. it was exciting and entertaining. josh isn't a huge action fan but he said that he remained "entertained the entire time." the characters were pretty true to the original star trek, and the original Spock was even in the movie. it was all pretty cool. there were some funny parts too, which is always good.

the movie ended with the nerd clap. you know, all the trekkies clapping because the movie was so great when the credits start rolling? true story......yikes.

the grade?

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