the list

movies we've reviewed:

+african cats
+the kings speech
+the fighter (best of 2010)
+black swan (best of 2010)
+127 hours
+the social network
+paranormal activity 2
+easy a
+eat pray love (guest review)
+going the distance
+children of invention
+it's complicated
+what's eating gilbert grape
+paranormal activity
+alice in wonderland
+knight and day
+date night
+julie & julia
+the box
+shutter island
+the hurt locker
+sherlock holmes
+the boy in the striped pajamas
+the taking of pelham 123
+burn after reading
+this is it
+the invention of lying
+phoebe in wonderland
+the king of kong
+sunshine cleaning
+hi my name is ryan
+(500) days of summer
+funny people (guest review)
+district 9
+double jeopardy
+a perfect getaway
+transformers 2 (guest review)
+confessions of a shopaholic
+harry potter and the half-blood prince (guest review)
+the proposal
+the net
+the river wild
+terminator 2: judgement day
+star trek
+the skeleton key
+march of the penguins
+pan's labyrinth
+the benchwarmers
+the watchmen
+family guy: blue harvest
+best in show
+slumdog millionaire
+the crush
+the curious case of benjamin button
+four christmases
+wait until dark
+the house bunny
+gran torino