Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....oh I'm sorry, that was me waking up from the middle of this movie. Not a good sign.
Okay, so this is Tim Burtons new Alice and Wonderland creation. I'm a Johnny Depp fan, as well as a fan of Helena Bonham Carter, so I had decent hopes for this movie. But here's the deal.....I thought this might be dark or disturbing (at least that would have been entertaining), but no, it was really just a snooze fest. Everyone in this movie kept changing heights and body size, it was so confusing. I could never tell what height was regular and what was small/tall. One guy had a normal human head, but an odd computer generated body. It was just strange. Plus, Johnny Depp just wasn't that good in this movie. He was annoying and kind of hard to understand. When Alice first meets the Mad Hatter (Depp), they have a conversation at the dinner table. At the end of the scene I turned to Jess and said "what in the world is going on, what were they saying?" Jess goes, "I have no idea" But worst of all, the movie is just BORING. I'm having a hard time finishing this post b/c I'm getting distracted by re runs of "The Hills".....that's how boring this movie was. I fell asleep near the end and when I woke up I just said, "is it over yet". Anyways, if you must see it, see it, but it's really just a waste of time. Go rent the original Disney version instead....and that's coming from a person who doesn't really like kids movies..



~Rachel said...

I really liked it, if you watch it a second time it's a bit better. I think I really liked it because of the cool costumes for Alice but yea it was definitely different. Zack didn't really like it either. also I was confused why Depp's eyes kept going all scary monster... that was weird, maybe you were asleep for that part but that was pretty strange... we saw how to tame your dragon, and that was really fun.

artofamy said...

Jess... naughty!
alice in wonderland is my all time fave story and one of my biggest inspirations! but im absolutely bias to the disney version... Tim Burtons was not alice in wonderland this was alice going back to wonderland.
If you know about through the looking glass, the looking glass wars, alice in wonderland and if you have seen rodney Matthews illustrations you may have enjoyed it more... read my review... :)

Eric, CJ, Viana, Brooke, Ram said...

I liked it... Certainly liked it better the second time, I'm with you on that Rachel.