Saturday, December 18, 2010


we saw this movie on thanksgiving with my parents. as you can tell, we're more than a little behind on our movie blogging. i apologize! we're working on updating them!

this movie was entertaining, and it kept you interested the whole time. it was suspenseful in that you were kind of anxious as to what was going to happen.

basically, there's a runaway train that is unmanned, and has tons of hazardous material so it's considered very dangerous. Denzel Washington (Frank) and Chris Pine (Will) are having a normal day until they hear that this train is headed right towards them. they need to get off the track so they don't collide with the unmanned train.

the runaway train is heading towards a large populated city where the railroad tracks has a large S curve, and the train is going so fast that it would derail at the S curve and could possibly destroy the whole city. this is a movie full of courage, stamina, and goodwill.

Both Denzel and Chris are excellent actors, and you really start to feel for their characters as you learn more about their personal lives throughout the movie. we thought this movie was good/okay. It's pretty exciting and entertaining, but it didn't blow us away or anything. It isn't a movie that we would purchase when it came out, or watch it again, but it was good for the entertainment value.

the grade?