Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Benchwarmers

Well, by request, here is the tragedy that is...the benchwarmers. Now, to be honest, I haven't watched this movie all the way through. No, this is one of the only movies that I have ever walked out of the theater on. Sad to say, I did pay to see this movie. I have no idea why now, but I did. Believe me, I've seen some awful movies, and stayed the whole time. But this, this was beyond awful. The acting is horrific, the jokes would be funny to 5th graders, and the story (what I saw of it), was just stupid. Really, if you somehow saw and liked this movie, don't let me know....I'll only think less of you. 2 notes: not surprisingly, the people in the theater were dying laughing at all the jokes...we are in Provo, the gene pool isn't too deep around here. Also, if you think it's funny to see people pee in bottles, get poop put on their face, or see people held down while someone else farts in their face...you might like this movie.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Watchmen

so we went and saw this movie today in theaters. i was a little hesitant to see it to be truthful, since some reviews were mixed, and i dont like violence. i decided to give it a chance though...

i actually really liked it. the fight scenes were really cool, and i almost wish there were more. my favorite characters were the girl, Miss Jupiter, and the guy with the cool changing mask, Rorschach. they both kicked butt.

it isnt as much of an action movie as you might think, since it revolves around war and world peace. but the fight scenes with the superheroes were still pretty cool. (there were a couple instances of unnecessary violence i admit, and i had to look away once). the ending is different from the book, which is probably a good thing since apparently in the book there was a giant squid involved. the ending of the movie was really good though.

my only problems with the movie is that it was a teeny bit long, had moments of unnecessary violence, and could have had more cool fight scnenes (like jason bourne kind of style you know? not gross/bloody etc). there were a few jumpy moments, but maybe that was just because its me and im really jumpy :]

overall, we both really enjoyed this movie. i would say that some of the reviews and even content descriptions are misleading.

what grade do we give it?