Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Proposal

Again, Sandra Bullock. This time joined by the attractive Ryan Reynolds (yum). Sandra Bullock is an uptight, top editor for one of the largest publishing firms in America. She appears to have no life outside of work, and no personality except for being known as the office witch. Her poor assistant, Ryan Reynolds, has to succumb to her every whim.

When Sandra realizes that she will be deported to Canada and replaced by a second-rate editor she just fired, she quickly comes up with a plan to be able to stay. She announces to her superiors that she is engaged to her assistant, and therefore will be able to stay in the US after marrying him. Ryan Reynolds is shocked, needless to say, and only sticks with the plan in order to get the promotion of his dreams. The immigration officer they have to meet with is suspicious of foul play, and warns them many times what the consequences of such activities would be.

This comedy is the story of how Sandra comes with Ryan on a vacation to stay with his family in Canada. Watching this movie you will fall in love with Ryan's family, especially his mother (Mary Steenburgen) and grandmother (Betty White). Sandra's character starts opening up and her true personality starts to come out, and the pretend couple slowly (of course) fall in love.

This comedy will give you big laughs, and maybe even a few tears. Oscar (from the Office) is even a prominent and ridiculous character. Purely entertaining on all accounts, this is a great movie for anyone to see.

The grade: B+

The Net

In case anyone doesn't know, we love Sandra Bullock. This is an older movie, but definitely a good one. In the movie, Sandra is a sort of computer programmer who's expertise is viruses/bugs. When her friend sends her a particularly strange sort of virus to check out, Sandra's world is slowly turned upside down. She goes on vacation while simultaneously working on the virus, and meets a handsome computer programmer. They hit it off and she spends most of her vacation time with him.

While on vacation, her wallet is stolen. Her new lover turns out to be someone entirely different than he seems, and Sandra has to literally fight for her life. Her entire identity is stolen, and she is wanted by the police. Sandra realizes all these problems are connected to the virus, which she tries to crack while she also fights to stay alive.

This intense thriller will keep you intrigued the entire time. Sandra Bullock does not disappoint!

The grade: B

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the river wild

so we're on a bit of a meryl streep kick...nothing is wrong with that! if you have not seen the river wild, you need to rent it stat. this movie is a lost kind of thriller...more movies need to be made like this nowadays.

meryl streep wants to take her son, roarke, on a river trip before the river gets ruined "by pollution and all that stuff..." roarke's father is on shaky terms with meryl due to his obsession with work, but at the last minute he is able to come too. the family (and their dog maggie) meets up with some interesting characters who are essentially stranded, and they decide to help these 2 guys out. things start getting a little sketchy and the rest of the movie is them trying to ditch the weirdos. [there is more to the plot obviously but i dont want to give anything away!]

if you dont hate kevin bacon already, you will hate him for sure after seeing this movie. all the acting is top-notch, and the characters are all very interesting in their own way. meryl streep is truly the hero of the story, and you will love watching her kick butt.

like i said before, this is a kind of lost thriller. they just dont make them like this anymore. go watch it ASAP!

the grade: A+