Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Net

In case anyone doesn't know, we love Sandra Bullock. This is an older movie, but definitely a good one. In the movie, Sandra is a sort of computer programmer who's expertise is viruses/bugs. When her friend sends her a particularly strange sort of virus to check out, Sandra's world is slowly turned upside down. She goes on vacation while simultaneously working on the virus, and meets a handsome computer programmer. They hit it off and she spends most of her vacation time with him.

While on vacation, her wallet is stolen. Her new lover turns out to be someone entirely different than he seems, and Sandra has to literally fight for her life. Her entire identity is stolen, and she is wanted by the police. Sandra realizes all these problems are connected to the virus, which she tries to crack while she also fights to stay alive.

This intense thriller will keep you intrigued the entire time. Sandra Bullock does not disappoint!

The grade: B

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