Saturday, August 15, 2009

District 9

Before watching this movie I had been reading all of the reviews online. (as I usually do) They have all been phenomenal, so I had very high expectations going into this one. Let me tell you, they were all met.
This movie has officially become:
my favorite movie of the year.
Yes, it IS as good as they say.
The story is set in South Africa, where 20 years earlier, an alien space ship settled over Johannesburg. The aliens were basically harmless and just wanted to leave. Instead, they were forced to live in District 9, which became a sort of refugee camp. It is a disgusting place, filled with crime and filth. Overtime, the humans have grown tired of the "problems" caused by district 9, and a task force has been created to move the aliens to district 10, located some distance from the city. Problems arise when the man who is put in charge of moving the aliens becomes infected with some substance that begins to alter his DNA, and turn him into an alien.
What makes this movie so amazing is its story, and characters. There are no cheesy 1 line jokes, no random explosions for no reason (though there are plenty of explosions). No actresses are here to show skin and sell sex. This movie shows aliens from another point of view. By the way, the aliens are very cool and entirely done with CGI. They have human qualities and make you feel for them. Go see this movie. You won't be disappointed. Promise. If you are, just wait another year until your awful big budget movies of next summer arrive.


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Jon Ulf said...

This was such an amazing movie wasn't it! I loved it as well. I was hoping I'd be the first one to post a review, but ya beat me too it. Anyway, good taste dude, good taste.