Saturday, January 2, 2010

sherlock holmes

i really dont even know how to start this review... everyone knows the story of sherlock holmes, even if you learned it from wishbone like i did. so basically, you know the premise of this movie. sherlock holmes (Robert Downey Jr) is a detective, and his sidekick is dr watson (Jude Law). they solve crime together.

the strange thing about this movie is that it deals with the supernatural. lord blackwood (mark strong) is convicted of murdering at least 5 women, and dealing with black magic. he is convicted and hung, but its what happens after his execution that makes things interesting.

in this movie, holmes and watson's relationship is quite amicable, and really quite funny to watch. it makes it feel like they are bff or brothers or something. it is pretty entertaining. the one thing that seems a bit off with holmes' character is that they portray him as being crazy. not only crazy, but also a martial arts master. of course sherlock holmes is supposed to be kind of quirky and interesting, but they make him seem downright looney, and quite obsessive. also, asking people who have read the books, i have learned he doesnt really fight people. but i guess they felt they had to throw in an element to keep the audience interested or something.

the major thing that bugged me about this movie is that you saw holmes doing kooky things at crime scenes, but you just thought he was being crazy. then at the very end you find out that they are all important clues, and how [most of them] fit together. it is very frustrating, and makes it hard to follow along at times. the whole movie you were just being stringed along, and then the last 5-10 minutes it all miraculously comes together. but even when it was all explained, sources of information were not always clear, so it was a little muddled.

all together, this movie was only so-so. i wouldnt really recommend it, especially if you are a fan of the books. my parents liked it less than we did, and it was because they felt it really didnt do justice to the true characters and the books.

the grade: C+

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