Sunday, July 26, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

So...I went and saw a scary movie with Josh (that I actually ended up liking), and I figured I could indulge in a silly chick flick. Which was entirely what this movie turned out to be: silly.

Granted, I like silly. I am silly. But as far as movies go, if its going to be silly- it needs to be hilarious (ie White Chicks). There were funny parts and cute parts, and a lot of themes I felt I could relate to. I am a bit fashion obsessed and a bit of a shopaholic (ask Josh) so it was funny to see some of myself in the main character.

In this movie we meet Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher), a journalist who racks up the credit card bills to a freakish amount just by shopping. She decides to take a job at a financial magazine in order to work her way up to a fashion magazine that stems from the same publisher. Her kooky personality and the situations she gets in will keep you entertained. There is a lot of screaming over bills, shopping (of course), shopaholics anonymous, and calls from the dreaded debt collector.

Of course, being a romantic comedy, she gets busted for giving such brilliant financial advice yet having debt up to her eyeballs. This lie destroys all her relationships, including her budding romance with her (cute) boss, Hugh Dancy.

Overall, this movie is mildly entertaining, whether you are laughing at the jokes or the sillyness (read: stupidity) of the script.

The grade?


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Liv said...

sophia and i just watched this and i was disappointed. the books all hooked me, but the movie was a flop. i'm pretty sure she's BRITISH in series, but in the movie she's freakin American. what?! not happy about that.

but still, fun.