Sunday, July 26, 2009


Finally, back to the movies I like, the scary ones. This movie has been portrayed as a horror film, although I'll let you know it's mostly a suspense/thriller. (oh....besides the killing)
Esther is a 9 year old Russian Orphan who is adopted by a family who has recently lost a child at birth. She seems like a perfectly polite little girl at first, but obviously, things change very quickly.
Accidents seem to follow Esther everywhere she goes, and her past is almost impossible to uncover.
Esther has a secret.....and it makes for a very exciting twist and ending.
There are funny parts in this movie too, including the end line of the movie which mimics (and mocks) the last line of "The Ring 2". Remember that one?
I liked it. If you like scary movies, you'll like it too.


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