Sunday, May 31, 2009


This weekend we watched this movie. I loved it (excluding the very last scene). One reason i liked it was b/c it was starring Meryl Streep. Nominated for an academy award for her performance, she plays the principal of a catholic school. She's extremely strict and all of the kids are terrified of her. No matter what Seinfeld might say, she's no phony. She's very believable and makes every scene interesting. In the movie, Streep accuses the Priest of some inappropriate behavior with one of the school boys. Throughout the whole movie she keeps trying to find out if he really did what she thinks he did. There's tons of drama, funny moments, and good acting. As for the last scene, well, it just did what I didn't want it to do. I won't spoil it for those who want to (and should) see it, but it's just something that I personally didn't want a character to do. Other than that, it's a great drama. Check. it. out.


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oh she's so phony!