Friday, April 24, 2009

the skeleton key

tonight we rented the skeleton key from the playstation network. being the scary-movie-hater that i am...i got a bit nervous. to be honest the whole thing was suspenseful and i was tense the entire time.

this movie is very good and engaging. it keeps you involved, and always wondering exactly what is up. kate hudsen is an excellent star in this film, and her character is believable and likeable. she always asks the right questions, not like some other movies where you just want to yell at the screen and go "what are you doing!?!" (well, that happened a couple times, but it wouldnt be a scary movie if it didnt).

kate hudsen is a nurse who gets hired to do a hospice job out in the swamps around new orleans. there is an old married couple, and the husband had a stroke so he is paralyzed and can't speak. the house is spooky and old, and weird things happen...

the movie ends with an unexpected twist. if i had to compare it to another movie i would say the sixth sense. it was suspenseful, scary, and ends with a bang outta nowhere. go rent it now!

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Darci said...

hehehe I love this movie...even though it gives me nightmares ever time I watch it.