Sunday, December 13, 2009

the boy in the striped pajamas

this movie is about this cute little boy named bruno. his family lives a very privileged life, and his father is in the army working for Hitler. the family has to move out to the countryside because bruno's father was needed to be stationed there. the transition is hard for everyone in the family, except the father it seems. bruno's sister becomes nazi-obsessed due to a cute soldier who works around the house. bruno is left to play on his own, isolated from the world.

bruno notices that there are kids at a farm that he can see from his bedroom window, and wants to go play with them. when his parents hear of this, they board up his window. bruno doesnt really understand it, and just wants to go adventuring.

as the movie goes along, bruno slowly sees his father for what he truly is. he secretly meets a little boy, shmuel, at the "farm" (concentration camp) and becomes friends. their relationship is very sweet, and sad at the same time. especially once bruno learns he isnt supposed to talk to people from the farm since they are all evil jews.

the movie portrays the Holocaust very well, and gives us a glimpse of how twisted life was then. it is heart wrenching, especially at the end. the whole film was done excellently, with great acting, sets, cinematography, etc.

a beautiful movie, i recommend it.

the grade: A


MiVidaAsi said...

i want to see this, i saw it the other day at WalMart and almost got it. did you netflix it?

Kimberly said...

I actually give it an A+++. Very thought provoking, extremely well presented. A must see.

yours truly dear said...

yes it was on netflix where you could view it on your computer or whatever. we can check if it's still on instant view if you want to see it. but it is awesome. i love it.

and i wanted to give it an A but josh said A- so i went with that. maybe because its a little on the depressing side or something. but it was wonderful.