Sunday, February 8, 2009

slumdog millionaire

in this movie, a slumdog goes on the show "who wants to be a millionaire" and on the first night he makes it all the way to the second to last question (then the time ran out). he was interrogated that night because everyone thought he had cheated, since there's no way a slumdog was that smart. the movie goes through all the moments in his life that led him to know the answers for each question.

this movie is amazing. i loved it from beginning to end. the movie ends the way you want it to, which is nice to have every once in a while. i would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. one of the best movies i've seen in a while.

what do we give this movie?


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Slumdog Millionaire Quotes said...

Amazing movie. I have seen it so many times and the craze for this movie is still the same to me. I can simply say that its my all time favorite movie that I would recommend to everyone.