Monday, February 9, 2009


I know you're looking at this picture of Angelina Jolie and thinking about how you'd rather stab yourself in the eyes than watch her on the big screen for more than 20 minutes....i'm usually right there with you. But this one is actually good. It's a true story and you'll probably like it. It's a story set in the 20's or 30's about a woman who's son goes missing. The L.A. police are corrupt at this time in U.S. history so in order to make a good name for themselves, they "find" her son and return him to her. All the press is there to cover this wonderful occasion. Only problem is, it's not really her son. She fights to find her son and even gets thrown into a mental hospital against her will. Very very good, I can't wait to rent it when it comes out. You should definitely put aside your angelina hatred for a minute and watch it. I'm glad I did.



Liz Canaan Roberts said...

this is the first R rated film i saw in a theater and i didn't regret it. one of my favorites '08. definite must see.

yours truly dear said...

yeah i loved it. im glad you liked it too!!

download films said...

Its the first movie that made me cry. I do like the touching story that totally moved me at many times. I love this movie.