Friday, August 27, 2010


well hello james bond! well, ok, he isn't james bond in this movie, but he's just as tough. this movie came out in 2008 so we're a couple years late at watching it, but i'm glad we did. this is basically a holocaust movie, but not of the typical variety. also, it is based on a true story. [like a legit true story, not some fake "true story" like the strangers or the fourth kind]. Daniel Craig plays Tuvia, the oldest of four brothers. the nazi's kill his parents, and him and his brothers flee to the woods to hide. more and more jews come into their camp, and everyone has to figure out how they are going to survive. this movie is about their struggles as jews, as family members, as leaders, and more.

like the caption on the movie poster reads, "Freedom begins with an act of defiance." watch how they maintain their freedom in this movie, and you will be amazed at the story. even though there were times when josh and i were going, "wait, who is that? whose side are they on? what?!?" it was still good to watch [i guess maybe we need to brush up on our history? haha]. you will grow to love and respect the characters, and become engrossed in their story. i even cried a little, i won't lie. so go watch this movie to be both inspired and entertained.

what do we give this movie?



kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

i've never even heard of this movie. i guess if it came out in 2008, i missed it due to living in germany and not speaking german.
i missed out on A LOT of stuff that way. :P (when we came back to the States after quite sometime away, and everyone had an iPhone, we were like "WHAT is that spaceship, and how do you have internet in YOUR HAND?")

anyway, sounds like a good 'un. thanks for the reco!

yours truly dear said...

hahahaha. i literally just LOL'ed at what you said about the iphone. oh, and you should definitely watch it. :]