Monday, October 5, 2009

The Invention of Lying

This movie was extremely hilarious and everyone should go and watch it......wait, that was a lie. Here's the deal. I thought this movie was going to be good, and it simply didn't deliver. The story is clever enough: The people live in an alternate reality where there is no such thing as lying. Everyone just says the truth. The problem is, the writers didn't think this one through. Instead of people just telling the truth, this reality actually involves people just blurting out random thoughts from their mind. Example: if you walk up to someone and think they are ugly, you are not telling a lie if you don't say to them "hey, you are ugly". If they asked you how they looked, then you could say it, but if they didn't, you would have the sense not to say it. Get the idea?

The story is all about this man who suddenly discovers how to lie. His life becomes so much better. He becomes wealthy and popular, but still can't seem to get the girl. She won't marry him, even though she admits she loves him, because he is "fat with a stub nose". She's actually quite rude to him throughout the whole movie, but he still says she's the nicest girl he's ever met. blaahahh. So ridiculous. How can we, as an audience, root for a couple that do not work together. We all wanted to yell at him, get rid of her! Anyways, the dialogue is funny for a while, then gets old. The jokes are okay, and you will be somewhat entertained throughout, but all in all, the invention of this movie should have never happened.


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Jon Ulf said...

Nice review, I was wondering how this movie would be, now I wont have to waste the time or money to find out.