Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ummm, it's been a while.....sorry. But never fear, we have been watching tons of movies (as usual). So we'll be doing our best to catch up on all of them. Here goes.....this is Catfish. We originally saw a short preview for this movie sometime last year. It's a indie documentary that I believe debuted at Sundance. The film follows 3 friends, 2 of which are brothers. The main Character, Nev, is a 24 year old photographer from New York. One of his pictures is featured in a newspaper, and shortly after that, he gets a message on facebook from an 8 year old girl in Michigan named Abby. Abby is an artist who asks if she can paint Nev's pictures. An online friendship begins between the two, as Abby begins to send more and more paintings to Nev.

And that's where the documentary starts....it's all about this little girls friendship with this photographer.....or at least that's how it starts. I really can't say too much more about the plot b/c things get interesting. Let's just say, it's fun to try to figure out the twist of this movie...

Good thing is, we get to figure it out WITH the main characters as the documentary progresses. You'll be interested, trust me. Check. it. out.


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