Monday, September 20, 2010

guest review: eat pray love

review by emily

i really, really liked this movie. i had heard different things from different people but all in all i was thoroughly impressed. the beginning was a bit confusing and i found myself asking, "why are you freaking out?" there wasn't too much of an explanation there-- but when she goes to italy it gets good and i found myself completely intrigued. i think i might have to read the book now!

[editors note: my mother-in-law said the same thing about her freaking out at the beginning of the movie. it's explained more in the book but apparently they didn't preface it enough in the movie. she even said that people were laughing in the theater about it!]

yes, i do like almost every movie i see. and yes, i do lovejulia roberts and javier bardem...but let's just pretend that wouldn't affect my review of this movie. go see it! :)

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Emily said...

i am honored. absolutely honored :) haha

yours truly dear said...

you're welcome.

Juji said...

you should quat school and become a professional movie critic.

Emily said...

hahahaha i'm so glad i decided to look at the comments. quat...yes...

heather yalin said...

i read the book ages ago, and really really want to see this movie. whenever it decides to estrenar in south america! ugh!

every review i've read has said something similar about the beginning breakdown not being explained or making sense... that's too bad, because it does make much more sense in the book.