Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Back to one of my favorite genres.....thrillers. Buried stars Ryan Reynolds in what you could call a one man show. In this movie he plays a truck driver who is working in Iraq. He's a civilian, but obviously it's an extremely dangerous place to work. But we don't see any of that in the movie. Oh no. This movie takes place entirely in a coffin under the ground. Let me say that again so you aren't surprised or confused when you watch this.

This movie....the entire movie.....is of Ryan Reynolds inside a coffin. The movie begins with his character waking up (tied up no less) in the coffin. He's not sure why he is there, but throughout the movie he figures it out. It turns out, terrorists have kidnapped him for ransom. He wakes up with a cell phone, lighter, candle, and that's about it. The movie is intense b/c it feels like you're in the coffin with him. (because well, you are) When he makes phone calls, you only hear the voices on the line. Seriously, who knew you could make a movie that's completely a guy in a box.

Will he make it out before he runs out of air? How will he get out? Who will help him? What is going onnnnnnn???? Muah ha ha ha ha.....see why I like this movie? It really is crazy. The whole time we were screaming at the tv what we would do.

I will say, I didn't looovvvve the ending. It was just okay. BUT....it's getting there that makes this movie fun to watch. Rent it today.


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kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

ooh i was wondering how this movie turned out!

off to add it to the queue...